By nature, men tend to love items that can aid in craftmanship, self-defense, and survival. That’s why we collect knives, tools, and even firearms. The latter might be a touchy subject these days due to the growing number of gun violence incidents. However, as long as it is in the hands of a responsible owner, there’s a treasure trove of what we can describe as art. Just look at the Cabot Guns Diablo Damascus and tell us if you think otherwise.

Damascene designs are quite common among jewelry, luxury watches, and upscale knives. The forging process and technique that creates these awesome patterns take years to master. Hence, items that have it normally fetch a pretty penny. The Diablo Damascus strikes us as unique since it is not your average pistol. This bespoke Colt Government looks more like an artist’s canvas than a weapon.

Cabot Guns, with the help of master blacksmith and metal artist Jason Morrissey, have crafted an exquisite firearm. Using various skills such as pattern welding, acid etching, and advanced forging techniques, Morrissey is taking his artform to another level. The eye-catching markings are not its only attractive elements. Look a little closer and you can see the Tristar trigger with actual cutouts for each star. Another cool addition is the skeletonized hammer.

To make the Cabot Guns Diablo Damascus even more exclusive, there will be only one example on offer. Unfortunately, the only existing unit is no longer available. A gun that looks this good is not going to sit on the shelf for long. The good news is that you can always reach out to the company for more stunning pieces in their catalog.

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Images courtesy of Cabot Guns