There is something menacing about the Federal House by Edition Office. It stands like a dark foreboding in the middle of a vast grassy field with its black-pigmented concrete and black timber exterior. The feeling flows into dark hallways. But as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover as the inside offers more brightness. 

The structure is a stark reminder of the houses where cinematic villains are often featured hiding or staying. It has a dark aura to it upon first glance and as you walk through the long hallways. But a great part of the house opens to natural sunlight in the mornings thanks to floor-to-ceiling louvre windows. 

This impressive house sits in the Byron Bay hinterland of Australia, overlooking acres of green treetops and grasslands. One might say it is secluded from civilization, with its black exterior standing out against its organic topography. The Federal House tries to bring the allure of nature in through a central fern garden that is reminiscent of Spanish heritage houses with their indoor gardens. 

In terms of living spaces, it has a bedroom that expands into a covered outdoor living area. It even has a subterranean pool that opens the views to the flowing treetops. Meanwhile, an open floor plan seamlessly blends living and dining area with beautiful views of the natural topography. 

Moreover, the Federal House uses wood and concrete furnishings for its interior walls and flooring. Likewise for pieces of furniture and the decorations. There is a notable choice of industrial color choices for the chairs, carpets, ceiling fan, and more. 

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Images courtesy of Edition Office