Fancy the outdoors and do not mind living high above the ground in the woods? Then you may want to get an invite to the Cat Hill House. Its unique architecture defies gravity while the lavish interior setting lets you live in luxury.

From the brilliant minds of Studio MM Architect, this residential property sits elevated at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York’s Hudson Valley. It boasts floor-to-ceiling glass walls for an immersive feel of the dense wood. The client, a marathon runner, musician, traveler, businesswoman, and art collector, requested a thoughtfully designed home that caters to the inspiration.  

Thus, the Cat Hill House was born. At the heart of the design is a glass-enclosed fitness studio that extends over the ridge. It appears to float above the ground amid its steep topography. The studio is accessible via a long, enclosed gallery that follows the ridgeline. It has a treadmill and indoor cycling bike. 

Elsewhere in the home, large glass expansions in the open living room and patio open the eyes to the surrounding wooded landscape. The gently sloping topography outside the main living space gives the feeling of being one with the forest instead of being above them. The windows also provide amazing views of the creek below.

Meanwhile, thoughtfully curated interior designs complement the topography. There are original artworks and custom-built pieces fabricated by local furniture maker Braxton Alexander. The main suite of the Cat Hill House also boasts a spacious freestanding bathtub set next to a corner window at the southern part of the house. 

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Images courtesy of Studio MM Architect