From our experience, the majority chooses to play it safe and just work with what’s commercially available. Then there are the few who love to skirt around the norm and carve out groundbreaking creations. Feadship counts itself as one with a preview of its Pure concept.

It’s common for renowned names in the business to cater to whatever their clients want. This is a perk only those with money to burn can enjoy. No matter how wild the request might be, a visionary yacht builder will jump at any opportunity to innovate. This is exactly what you can expect from the Pure.

For this massive undertaking, Feadship presents as gigayacht that will outshine all of its previous projects. While everyone else is content to source ideas from cutting-edge technology, this Dutch outfit opts for the bleeding edge. To be specific, the wheelhouse is where you want to be aboard this ship.

We all know designers love to please their clients who focus more on the lavish side of things. The Pure concept, on the other hand, is doing so by relocating the control center somewhere unlikely. Instead of being on the upper-most or main deck, it’s sitting at the lower decks.

We know it sounds crazy and impossible to pilot a watercraft of its size with no direct line of sight to the water. To overcome this constraint, Feadship arms the luxury watercraft with advanced electronics to help it cruise safely.

With the help of cameras, radar, AIS, GPS, and more, an augmented reality system generates a 360-degree field of view on a wraparound display. Come to think of it, this allows naval architects to envision cohesive spaces for accommodations, entertainment, and more. We hope Feadship actually builds the Pure in the future

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Images courtesy of Feadship