So far, most of the vessels we featured built by Wally are on the smaller side. It’s not exactly an issue when all you need are yacht tenders for the occasional getaway. This time around, they’re going big! Welcome their first full wide-body yacht – the WHY200. Measuring 78.7 feet long, it’s ready to sail the high seas for your pleasure.

When you love hosting parties or taking family and friends out for an excursion over open water, size matters. The blueprint for this extraordinary ship is provided by Laurent Giles Naval Architects Limited. Their vision showcases a three-deck configuration that is optimized for generous spaces.

This allows the WHY200 to match the area found on larger watercraft. Wally notes that there’s approximately 1,550 sq-ft for the exterior and an impressive 2,153 sq-ft inside. The yacht is already stunning from the outside, but the elegant interior is also curated by Vallicelli Design Studio.

If that’s not enough, how about panoramic views afforded by wrap-around glass panels of the main deck. The owner’s suite at the bow of the WHY200 gets the best seats in the house. Enjoy the breathtaking backdrops as you relax in the comfort of your spacious room.

Head on over to the beach club at the aft section of the lower deck to access the beach club. Take a dip in the sea or take out your personal watercraft to pump up the fun. The fold-out wings can accommodate more people or becoming diving platforms.

The four cabins of the WHY200 can accommodate up to 8 guests, while a crew of 5 is enough to man the vessel. Propulsion comes from four Volvo Penta D-13 IPS 1350 engines at 1,000 horsepower each. The range is 390 nautical miles with a top cruising speed of 21 knots.

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Images courtesy of Wally