In times when you encounter a task that needs a reliable blade, it pays to have a quality EDC tool on hand. Conventional pocket knives are perfect gadgets to bring with you as long as it doesn’t violate any regulations. They normally get the job done in pinch, but some models might be difficult to maintain over time. This is exactly where the CRKT Raikiri shines above the rest with its field strip technology to make maintenance a breeze.

Columbia River Knife & Tool presents a compact and rugged knife with a bit of Japanese pedigree behind its construction. Hailing from Seki, Japan, Dew Hara draws upon what he learned from Koji Hara, his father, and globally-renowned designer. The blade gets its name from a legendary sword from Japanese folklore that supposedly sliced a bolt of lightning in half. Now, who doesn’t what to own an EDC knife with an awesome background story?

You have a 3.76-inch stainless steel Wharncliffe blade with a compact flipper and satin finish that sits between two cold-forged aluminum handles. With an overall length of 8.94 inches when open, it measures 5.11 inches upon closing with a low-profile pocket clip to keep it securely in place. Don’t let its 5-ounce weight fool you because this is one durable EDC.

The field strip technology of the CRKT Raikiri lets you easily disassemble everything with minimal effort. This allows you to keep its components in tip-top shape in case the need arises. You can grab one for $99.99 and be ready to cut stuff up just like a samurai.

Images courtesy of CRKT

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