It’s been a while seen we’ve seen emission-free urban mobility platforms other than stand-up/sit-down scooters or e-bikes. So, we felt that it’s time we introduced something else to refresh the lineup. It just so happened that we stumbled upon the Hadean series from Evolve Skateboards. To be specific, you might want to check out the Carbon 2 in 1.

Checking the available variants, they’re offering the Street and All Terrain configuration for $2,899. For $3,149, which is about $250 more, you might as well get the most out of your new electric skateboard. At least, with a little tweaking, owners can quickly switch between pavement and off-road setups.

Now, what makes the Carbon 2 in 1 a great option if you are shopping for something from the Hadean collection is its durability. The forged carbon chassis is tough enough to withstand anything you throw at it. Moreover, the material’s lightweight characteristics mean it can improve the overall performance.

The deck measures 39.3 inches long with a 38-inch axle to axle wheelbase. The package includes two wheels for all-terrain and street use respectively. Owners mount them on Evolve Super Carve trucks. Powering the dual 3,000W 6368 custom brushless motors is a 43.2V, 16AH, 691.2Wh, custom-built 12S4P configuration battery.

It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge and is enough for up to 40.4 miles of range (street). It can even tackle a little over 35% inclines. As for the top speed, Evolve Skateboards says it can go as dast as 31 mph (street) and 26 mph (all-terrain). For additional safety, the Carbon 2 in 1 packs LED lighting to improve visibility.

Buy – $$3,149

Images courtesy of Evolve Skateboards