For years, we keep hearing and featuring some of the most promising developments in personal and commercial aircraft. What makes these platforms so captivating is the promise of emission-free flights in the near future. Eviation’s Alice joins the growing list of all-electric air travel hopefuls as it prepares for its maiden flight before 2021 ends.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic rages on and continues to affect the aviation industry, any remarkable developments that reduce pollution is still a big win. The Alice does not go overboard with its form factor as it opts for a more traditional silhouette.

“Sharing our production Alice design is a special day for Eviation and our partners. It also represents a final step in our iterative journey toward Alice’s first flight,” shares Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay during its unveiling.” The fuselage measures 17.09 meters with an 18-meter wingspan.

Resembling a modern private jet with rear-mounted propellers, it can accommodate up to nine passengers. Meanwhile, two crew members will man each flight. Thanks to its all-electric propulsion system, the aircraft promises minimal noise and vibrations.

Inside, the luxurious cabins feature ergonomic seating with a view. It should be quiet enough to hold a conversation without another passenger without raising your voice. Eviation says the Alice has a 220-KTAS cruising speed with a climb rate of 2,000 feet per minute.

It can reach a maximum ceiling of 32,000 feet. As for the range, the spec sheet notes it’s approximately 440 NM. Generating all that thrust are a pair of magniX electric propulsion units (EPUs). The Alice boasts a maximum payload of 2,500 lbs.

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Images courtesy of Eviation