When shopping around for your first or maybe an additional EV, we believe it’s a good idea to browse beyond what’s being marketed by big companies. These sustainable rides come in all shapes and sizes, which gives us more options than ever before. For our pick, here is a Land Rover Series IIA from Everrati.

When modern or futuristic silhouettes are not your thing, restomods might be the way to go. Make no mistake, because this SUV now boasts a zero-emission powertrain courtesy of Everrati. The team takes a beloved classic and gives it an eco-friendly makeover.

What’s cool about this project is how the team managed to keep the aesthetics intact. The shop is doing a wonderful job upgrading yet retaining the vintage look of this British icon. With the help of Land Rover specialists, this all-electric Series IIA is as fresh as the day it rolled out of the factory.

Furthermore, Everrati engineered the electric conversion around the machine’s original structure. This means owners can switch back to a combustion engine if they wish to. This will appeal to collectors who want a more traditional configuration for their vehicle.

It comes with a galvanized chassis and bulkhead with an almost blackout paint job. Power comes from a 60-kWh battery pack that features advanced battery management and temperature control technology. The output of this Land Rover is a little over 150 horsepower with 221.27 lb-ft of torque.

This EV can go from zero to 60 mph in 13 seconds. Everrati says a full charge with regenerative braking can drive more than 100 miles. All seats are upholstered in leather and have lap seat belts for safety. Land Rover fans can now finally own an emission-free Series IIA.

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Images courtesy of Everrati