There’s no denying that Nintendo is the king when it comes to portable platforms. Sony was able to grab a slice of the portable scene with the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. Yet, it could not unseat its rival. The release of the Switch serves as a reminder that the company is still the top when it comes to handheld gaming. However, with the upsurge of demand for retro titles, the Evercade offers a quirky option that oozes with nostalgia.

Before anyone screams piracy, the Evercade is a product with licensed software. Aside from the classics that are available on the system, its physical cartridge can bring people back to the good old days. It’s clear the folks behind it have a genuine love and respect for gaming which shows even with the packaging of the cartridges.

While some will argue that a modern smartphone can practically do everything better, nothing beats the tactile feel of actual buttons. Longtime gamers will find the form factor ergonomic and familiar much like a regular gamepad. While it pales in comparison to Nintendo’s latest hybrid machine, it evident the company has a specific market in mind.

The Evercade carries a reasonable price at $79.99 and boasts a library of 120 8-bit and 16-bit offerings. Each cartridge holds a collection of games from a single publisher with enough variety to engage the player. The device sports a 4.3-inch display with two front-firing stereo speakers.

A D-pad flanks the screen on the left, while four face buttons are on the right. Finally, two shoulder buttons can be found on the top. A full charge is enough for 4-5 hours of portable gaming. Additionally, Evercade owners can even plug it to a TV via a mini HDMI to HDMI cable.

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Images courtesy of Evercade