Let’s say you are one of the lucky few who snagged an early preorder of the Tesla Cybertruck. In fact, one might already be parked in your garage right now or is on its way from the dealership. If by any chance you’re in the market for a matching electric scooter for your urban escapades, the P1 is the sleek option.

Infinite Machine has crafted a geometric two-wheeler which can become an aesthetic partner for your futuristic pickup truck. Unlike the Cybertruck, however, the manufacturer offers it in silver or black paint schemes. The former is a combination of both shades, while the latter is the completely murdered-out chromatic choice.

As of this writing, the first batch of P1 preorders has already ended, but interested parties can sign up to be notified when it’s live once more. Priced at around $10,000, this city commuter is constructed out of aluminum and steel. Aside from its aggressively sharp styling, another reason why you should consider ownership is the modular feature.

According to reports, Infinite Machine plans to expand the lineup of add-ons in the future, but what we have now is exciting, nonetheless. Removable panels on each side below the seat reveal a proprietary mounting system. Owners can attach cargo boxes, extra batteries, speakers, and even a trailer to haul more stuff.

By default, the P1 is outfitted with a 6 kW hub motor powered by two removable 72V 30 Ah batteries. The setup allows the electric scooter to hit a top speed of 55 mph and a maximum range of about 60 miles. A large touchscreen positioned between the handlebars can display the instrument panel and access other useful functions. For added security, the theft prevention system immobilizes the electric scooter when it detects unauthorized access.

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Images courtesy of Infinite Machine