This has been a crazy year for everyone with the pandemic forcing people into their homes. Those who suffer from anxiety attacks find ways to pacify themselves. Evidence shows that weighted blankets help, just like the Ella Jayne Weighted Anti-anxiety Blanket.

This is no ordinary bedroom blanket as it not only offers warmth and comfort. Tiny glass beads and polyester provide heft with 12, 15, or 20 pounds of pressure (choose the closest to 10% of your body weight) so you feel relief. The pressure helps in relieving anxiety, insomnia, sensory disorders, and more.

The pressure from the Ella Jayne Weighted Anti-anxiety Blanket improves focus for those diagnosed with ADHD. This blanket likewise helps you get a good rest or night’s sleep so you get a clear head or good focus. When you find yourself suddenly up and awake in the middle of the night, this blanket lulls you back to sleep. It has the overall effect of a warm, soothing, and comforting hug.

Moreover, it feels luxurious and nice to the touch. One side is a Minky velvety soft while the other has microfiber fabric. You not only get a good night’s rest but feel secure knowing your skin is touching fine material. This is a perfect hibernation companion.

The Ella Jayne Weighted Anti-anxiety Blanket is box-quilted to prevent the fill from shifting. It sells with edge tie/hoops to hold inside a duvet cover and all three weight options share the same size of 48×72 inches. This inspired bedding is available in five colors including grey/black, grey/grey, grey/navy, grey/white, and grey/pink.

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Images courtesy of Ella Jayne