Designer Kevin Michael Sayers has created an everyday carry essential that’s not only multi-functional, but will also satisfy the germaphobe in you.

The ElevenD Hook, now funded five times past its original goal on Kickstarter at the time of writing, is a lightweight and extremely strong EDC folding hook multi-tool that enables a person to access, pull, and press hooks, handles, or buttons without actually touching them.

You can also it carry heavy loads like grocery bags thanks to its built-in hook. The tool can also keep your bag suspended in mid-air if you lay it down the edge of a table. Plus, it can serve as a hex bit driver and perform all sorts of other neat tricks. It’s all in the name, in fact. Actually, “ElevenD” refers to humans already having 10 fingers or “digits,” and thus this tool is the eleventh.

You won’t be disappointed when it comes to the construction. The ElevenD Hook Multi-Tool has a CNC machined Aluminum or Brass handle that houses a folding Stainless Steel hook. Each stainless steel laser cut hook is acid etched. Then they’re ceramic media tumbled until achieving a smoothed stonewashed appearance and feel.

Then, each brass handle is finish-machined with light cuts to provide an almost mirror like surface. The real stunner here is the pivot mechanism, though. It’s a zinc plated steel that provides the strength for the hinge. The hinge is nearly impossible to break under normal use, and the stainless steel laser cut hook is designed to resist bending and twisting as well.

The result is a tiny but extremely robust EDC essential that could very well be the single EDC you’ll ever need.


Photos courtesy of ElevenD