Among smart devices, Apple’s offerings are enjoying the most accessories. Third-party manufacturers know how popular the Cupertino-based outfit’s lineup can be. However, the company’s sales numbers have been flagging thanks to Samsung and other brands on the Android platform. Nevertheless, the Apple Watch is currently the top smartwatch among its peers. If want to get something cool and fun for your wearable, the Elago Retro series has a lot to offer.

This is a quirky collection of premium silicone rubber charging stands that feature vintage gadgets. Now, you’ll be able to add a bit of old-school charm when the battery goes low. Just pop in the magnetic charging cradle and cable into the cutouts and its ready for action. Additionally, The non-toxic flexible material prevents the Apple Watch from slipping off and will not scratch the device.

Right now, you have four options available. Each one of the Elago Retro series is a quirky tribute to iconic Apple products except for one. Our personal favorite is the W5 which is the odd one out of the bunch. This particular variant is in the shape of a Nintendo Game Boy. There are four colorways available: Light Gray, Jean Indigo, Red, and Black.

Next is the W6 model, which looks like a 4th-generation iPod Classic. You can even choose from the regular color and the U2 Special Edition that comes in black with a red click wheel. The final two are the Vintage, and Vintage 1988, which mimics the 1984 Macintosh and 1998 iMac respectively with two colors each. The Elago Retro series will certainly take you on a nostalgic journey with its designs.

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Image courtesy of Elago