The tech industry knows that Apple products are considerably expensive and with mid-tier specifications. Some might argue that you are paying for quality and reliability, but it’s not always the case. For around the same price as a shiny new device from the Cupertino tech outfit, consumers can grab something even better. Nevertheless, one thing we love about the brand is the amazing selection of third-party accessories. Furthermore, these are available for the majority of its products. For those of you who have the AirPods check out the AW6 from Elago for that little dash of nostalgia.

That’s right, look closer and you can see that this protective case resembles the most popular portable music player in the world. This is a quirky but perfect accessory to keep your AirPods looking new. Elago specializes in premium silicone products that protect your gadgets from bumps and scrapes. Given that the charging case of your Airpods is prone to scuffing and discolouration it’s a good idea give it a protective layer.

Not only does it keep the charging case in pristine condition, but the AW6 also does not interfere with wireless charging. As long as you own the wireless charging case it should work without a hitch. Meanwhile, since the second-generation model is no different from the original in terms of shape and size. It will fit as well. Overall, we think it’s a great product and an awesome tribute to the iPod. Elago is offering two versions of the AirPods case: Black with a red click wheel or white with a grey click wheel. Overall, it actually does not matter which one you choose because they both look classy.

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Images courtesy of Elago