When it comes to cardholders, we look for durability and security more than physical beauty. The Ekster Senate Cardholder, on the other hand, delivers all three, with its minimalistic and sleek leather design and integrated RFID blocking system.

This ultra-slim cardholder can hold more than seven cards and has a built-in RFID/NFC blocking system that prevents illegal card and personal information swiping, which works with four to six cards.

This EDC also features a cash-strap and pocket-strap for large sums of cash or additional card storage without adding bulk. It maintains its slim physique even with the added load.

This card wallet is unlike any of its kind when it comes to dispensing the cards. It offers easy and quick access using a card slider system. A small opening at the bottom left part of the holder functions as the card slider trigger, which works with a gentle nudge of the finger to bring the cards out.

The Ekster Senate Cardholder is built for durability. It is hand-crafted from premium Dutch/German top-grain leather, which has been tanned according to gold-rated LWG environmental protocols. Each cardholder has its own characteristics and ages beautifully over prolonged use (it develops its own patina over time).

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Photos Courtesy of Ekster