Sometimes you just want something cute yet handy to add to your bunch of keys and what better choice than Eastern Delights miniature pocket knife. This is in no way a full-size powerful folding knife but it has its perks and functions too.

It works like a knife too but it can only handle small jobs such as opening small boxes, envelopes, letters, etc. If you dare, you can use it to pick out food stuck in between your teeth. It does wonders too in cracking open peanut shells, seashells, and other handiwork in which it may be useful.

Eastern Delights miniature pocket knife also works as decoration goods: something to delight your friends with. As its name suggests, it’s in a thumb size and is lightweight at 1.06 ounces. Despite its size and weight, it feels like a real knife with its sharp-enough blade. Suffice to say, albeit its size it is not a toy. You can use it as a self-defense tool as it is sharp enough to inflict pain.

It is a fully-functional knife and even comes with a half stop when opening. It even has its unique and well-made handle that comes in seven style options. It uses steel or brass, depending on the style. It is available in eagle handle style, smooth gold, peanut handle, fish handle, and three in shell handle style.

Eastern Delights miniature pocket knife comes with its own metal gift case and key ring so you can hang it on a keychain or carabiner.

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Images courtesy of Eastern Delights