Zenlet’s Memo X lets you save those junk mails, scrap papers, discarded documents, or even gift wraps and paper bags from the bin and turn them into Post-Its. It’s a unique gadget that lets you “create memos with one press.”

Taiwanese manufacturer Zenlet designed this innovative gizmo to be easy and quick to use. Simply insert a piece of paper and press. A single press simultaneously cuts the paper into standard sticky note size and applies a light-tack adhesive. You can also adjust the paper size to suit various needs using the slider found on the side of the base.

Simply toggle the switch along your desired paper size on the measurement guide found on the side. The largest size is for typical sticky notes measuring 70mm*74mm. Meanwhile, the medium and small sizes are perfect for labelling. Memo X even offers different paper patterns to add variety for varied tasks from to-do lists to item tagging.

You can get 12 sticky notes from an A4 sheet using this handy gadget. Best of all, the notes are reusable unlike typical ones that loses their adhesive after a couple of uses. Memo X churns out sticky notes that can be used over 20 times and they remove easily without leaving any residue.

The Memo X comes with two rolls of adhesive good for 250 applications each. The tape roll has one side with a flat layer of adhesive that has a larger contact area and it permanently stays on the memo paper. Meanwhile, the other side has a spherical acrylic glue that attaches to objects without peeling off their fibers when removed. This way, allowing the adhesive for repeated use. Moreover, a press and pull up motion on the upper sides of the device separates it into a stamp dispenser and portable cutter with the blade safely hidden to prevent accidents. 

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Images courtesy of Zenlet