When luck is on your side, maybe a reservation slot for limited-edition releases is possible. Normally, insiders get the jump on the rest of us and it doesn’t take long for all units to be spoken for even before the official unveiling. One-offs, on the other hand, are a different story. Just like the Budzogan from EARTH Motorcycles.

Why settle for something that a few others can likewise have. Moreover, the perception of exclusivity all boils down to the serialization based on its production. Therefore, when money is not an issue, you might as well commission an original that nobody else can attain. This is likely what EARTH Motorcycles’ unnamed Belgian client wants.

This project uses a 1983 BMW R100 which becomes the donor canvas for the Budzogan. Other shops would probably go for a simple restomod with maybe a few tweaks here and there. For this build, we’re seeing an understated approach that brings out the beauty of the vintage ride.

No unnecessary fluff as every detail you see intentionally brings out the best of this bespoke bike. They are going for a purely old-school silhouette that eschews sharp edges and angles for curves in all the right places. The 980-cc boxer twin engine receives an overhaul and a titanium Akrapovič HP muffler on the underslung exhaust.

Practically everything that is noticeably worn out receives modern replacements. Meanwhile, Cerakote application improves the durability of certain parts of the bike. If we were the owner of this fine steed, it will end up as a conversation piece dead center in our living spaces. The Budzogan makes us crave for more from EARTH Motorcycles and we hope they deliver soon.

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Images courtesy of EARTH Motorcycles