It was not long ago when we featured the Columbus Yachts Gigayacht. The upcoming concept plans to build a luxurious vessel that measures around 120 meters. Additionally, it will reportedly feature a waterfall cascading down from one pool to another below. Likewise, there’s no shortage of high-end embellishments spread around the ship. Moving on to something smaller yet lavish nonetheless, here we have the Dynamiq Global 330.

This 33-meter superyacht from Dynamiq maybe dwarfed in size and extravagance by the Gigayacht, but it can certainly hold its own. Moreover, its smaller build allows owners to access areas that larger vessels cannot. The highlight of the show is the jaw-dropping interior design handled by the good folks over at Bentley Home. Owners will enjoy the modern amenities and stunning aesthetics of the Global 330. It’s awesome that you can soak up the rays in a hot tub located on the bow or just lounge about in one of the two balconies.

Within the ship lies two MAN V8 1200 engines that allow it to cruise up to speeds of 16 knots. Depending on how fast you’re going the range will anywhere between 3,100 NM or 4,000 NM. You have a total of 5 cabins to accommodate about 10 guests, while the crew stays in three more cabins below deck. For durability minus the weight, the Dynamiq Global 330 is mostly made of aluminum. Meanwhile, buyers can choose between a Williams Diesel Jet 445 or Castoldi Jet 16 for the tender. The cost of owning this magnificent vessel starts at $14.3 million.

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Images courtesy of Dynamiq