Extreme opulence and insane luxury are the biggest features that yacht owners want to have on board. In the first place, these recreational vessels are designed the flaunt the buyer’s affluence to the rest of the world. We’ve seen models that feature car storage, helipad, infinity pools, and a lot of other stuff you won’t believe. Now, one company is preparing to build something that will eclipse superyachts and megayachts. The Columbus Yachts Gigayacht will be an over-the-top seacraft. Its features will rival the creature comforts offered by the most expensive hotels.

This exciting project will tap the talents of Hydro Tec, a renowned Italian naval design studio. The company notes that it will draw inspiration from the 79-meter Dragon, another vessel that made its debut in March. It describes the Gigayacht as a concept that showcases a mix of “contemporary elements with classic proportions” and “clean, crisp sweeping lines.” Measuring 120 meters, the upcoming will accommodate a total of 22 guests.

Out of the 12 cabins, 10 of those will be located on the main deck, while the 260-square-meter master suite sits on the upper deck. The latter will have its own alfresco lounge, a private massage room, and a hot tub. Meanwhile, the main deck also houses a 36-foot swimming pool with a glass bottom.

Moreover, it will allow the water to flow down into a smaller pool down below, giving it a waterfall effect. The Columbus Yachts Gigayacht will get its power from a combination of five MTU 16V 4000 M33F and two MTU 16V 2000 M41A generators. The setup is capable of producing more than 13,000 horsepower, allowing its twin Rolls-Royce Azipull 120 thrusters to push it up to 20 knots.

Columbus Yachts

Images courtesy of Columbus Yachts