The DuoQi GaN Charger is aptly named for its dual-purpose feature. It works both as a wired and Qi-wireless charger.

Forget bringing multiple chargers on the go when you have this handy and functional power tool. It combines the convenience of having a power adapter, a USB charger, and a travel adapter for power outlets. It has a 15W foldable wireless charging pad, a USB-A port, and a fast USB-C port all for simultaneous charging.

The DuoQi Gan Charger boasts 65W of advanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology that can power up a Macbook Pro to 100% in just over an hour. It delivers up to 30W with the USB-A port and a max of 45W via the USB-C charge. What makes this device unique is the double-sided coil design which allows for wireless charging at either side of the wireless pad. This makes it feasible to use even when plugged via a wall socket or power strip.

Moreover, this pocketable charging source is designed with three replaceable plugs (UK, EU, US pin) so it can work in over 200 countries. This makes it convenient to have around during your travels around the globe as it does away with bringing travel adapters. You can easily switch plugs via the button on the top which lets you pull out the adapter in seconds.

Best of all, the DuoQi Gan Charger is lightweight and boasts a streamlined design for easy carry. It also has an excellent cooling system that protects from overheat, overcurrent, overcharge, and overvoltage.

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Images courtesy of Reteck