The Ducati Scrambler Dirt Tracker is one of those special motorcycles which seem to beg to be unleashed and covered up in mud and dust. It does look beautiful, and it can make you feel like you want to keep it in pristine condition in the garage, but that feeling goes away very quickly once you think about all the fun you can have with it on and off the road.

Ducati Scrambler Dirt Tracker Ducati Scrambler Dirt Tracker Side View

The people behind the project are not a team of passionate customizing experts, as you might expect judging by the number of modified Scramblers out there. The new Dirt Tracker was created by Ducati to celebrate the opening of a new factory in Thailand. It offers a glimpse into the many personalization possibilities that the motorcycle offers.

The power needed to face all types of terrain comes from the same air-cooled L-twin two-valve 803 cc engine that can be found in the stock model. The bike features a new titanium Slip-on exhaust, a hand-brushed tank, hand-brushed aluminum wheels, and a pair of awesome looking chunky tires. Both the massive tires and the front plate evoke the aggressive style of the old ‘70s dirt bikes, which is the main source of appeal in the cool Dirt Tracker.

Ducati Scrambler Dirt Tracker Exhaust Pipe Ducati Scrambler Dirt Tracker Back View