When it comes to wound care, bandages help prevent re-infection and helps speed up the healing process. But it can be a hassle to change them often in a day especially when it gets splashed or even slightly wet with sweat. The tendency is, they start to slip off, at times without you knowing. This then leaves your wound vulnerable to dirt, germs, and other contaminants.  But with DrySee Waterproof Bandage, worrying about wet plasters becomes an afterthought.

This ingenious first aid kit uses patented Liquid Intrusion technology to prevent any form of liquid or moisture from entering your wound. It provides a secure, waterproof covering, especially for low exudate wounds. This is then ideal for post-surgery in which doctors often tell their patients to avoid bathing to keep the operated area dry. 

But with the DrySee Waterproof Bandage, said patients can take a shower without worrying about the wound. It seals off the water using a clear, flexible, non-latex adhesive and non-stick absorbent pad. The pad is made with nonwoven gauze with 100 percent USP cotton cleaned sans the use of chlorine. 

However, if ever moisture or water does seep in, then you would know when this happens. That’s because the gauze comes equipped with a light indicator that alerts of you this situation. The barrier around the perimeter turns from light blue to dark blue if wet. It also changes color when water passes through the second adhesive ring and reaches the site of the wound. 

The internal gauze pad also changes color when the wound seeps fluid. Then you would know it’s time for a bandage change. But all in all, the DrySee Waterproof Bandage lessens the number of times you change plasters in a day as it can last up to three days. Simply stash it in your bag as part of your survival kit.   

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Images courtesy of DrySee