Whether you are prepping for survival in the wilderness or for potential disasters in the future, the motto of any good survivalist is “be prepared”. Naturally, the first step in being prepared is knowing what you will need to stay safe and secure under any circumstances.

You cannot always have everything, and survivalists know that a survival kit needs to be reduced to the absolute essentials. At the same time, you have to have enough of the right gear to be sure that you can handle any challenges that are thrown in your way. Finding the right balance and knowing how to plan is essential.

Let’s look at ten of the essential things that every survivalist needs in their kit.

1. Rifle Scope

Having a high-quality rifle scope from a company like Steiner is a must for any serious survivalist. Hunting potential food is much easier when you can clearly target game. Make sure to choose a scope that is compatible with your rifle.

2. Rifle

A reliable and powerful rifle for hunting wild game if and when the need arises is important. Make sure to consider your options carefully and invest in a rifle that you are confident will serve you well. Practice often with your rifle to have confidence in your ability to hunt.

3. Fire Starter

Fire is an absolute necessity when it comes to survival. When emergencies happen or when crisis situations emerge, there is not always electricity or easily accessible sources of heat or energy. Fire starting supplies need to be a part of your kit. And plan for redundancies: include at least a few different options just in case one does not work when you need it.

4. First Aid Kit

In an emergency, or when you are in the wilderness, there often no means of reaching a hospital or trained medical personnel. Therefore, it is important to have a basic understanding of first aid, and the supplies you will need to administer it.

5. Survival Whistle

Calling for help when you need it is important, and a survival whistle will let others know where you are. If you are stranded or lost, then it is not a sign of defeat to blow a survival whistle to get help! Having a means of calling out is sometimes what makes the difference between life and death.

6. Water Filtration/Purification

Water is one of the most important commodities in a survival situation. Without adequate hydration, your body will rapidly start to become weak, and you will start to experience confusion. Being in such a state is never good, but it is especially bad when you are in the wilderness or in an emergency. Have a water filtration or purification system in your kit.

7. Survival Knife

A reliable knife performs many functions and is invaluable in a survival situation. Whether you need an implement to cut up your food or to prepare a shelter, a well-maintained knife at your side will be a trusted companion.

8. Cordage

Having plenty of cordages will similarly help you in a variety of situations. Cordage can be used to set up a sturdy shelter or to stow your food in the trees away from curious animals.

9. Proper Clothing

For any expedition into the wilderness, you need to pack the right clothing. And when it comes to the right clothing, it is usually best to be prepared for anything. Make sure to include enough warm clothing to ward off the cold. Even summer nights can get chilly and create new problems for you if you are not prepared.

10. Compass

Survivalists know that technology often fails. And when it does, old and reliable methods work best. Having a compass around for when your GPS fails is essential. Make sure that you are familiar with how a compass works and how to use it for orienting yourself in the wilderness.

Stay Prepared For The Worst

These ten items are absolute must-haves for any survivalist kit. Be sure to stock up on each of them before you head out for a wilderness adventure or if you are concerned about being prepared for whatever may come in the future.