Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. You’ve probably heard this statement thrown out a couple of time when it comes to products. Manufacturers are always wary of making changes because it can possibly alienate consumers from what is familiar. That’s why whenever a lineup refresh comes out, it needs to be still recognizable. However, in order to push design forward, we have to accept that avant-garde pieces can sometimes leave an impression. Take for example the Drip. At first glance, you wouldn’t know what looks like a piece of art is actually a gadget.

That’s right, what looks like a classy centerpiece is, in fact, a vacuum cleaner. Depending on the angle where you are viewing it from, the Drip looks like a sculpture. Other than the metal accents, the exterior housing looks like its made crafted out of stone. There are no visible handles, cords, or power buttons that would give it away as a cleaning tool. The unique form factor likewise makes storage a breeze. On the other hand, unlike conventional models, this is one item that we wouldn’t mind keeping in plain view.

The Drip comes with a charging pedestal that likewise looks as sophisticated as the vacuum cleaner that sits on it. There’s no word if the product comes with other additional attachments for those hard to reach areas. Credit goes to Christoph Andrejcic, whose brilliant mind turned this clever idea into reality. Honestly, we’re actually hoping that our existing dust suckers kick the bucket just as this cool gadget comes out.

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Images courtesy of Christoph Andrejcic