The Coral One brings “twice the cleaning in one machine.” It functions as any typical robot floor vacuum and as a handheld vacuum.

Most robot vacuums are great at cleaning or picking up dirt on the floor, but not anywhere else, say on the kitchen countertop or the upholstered sofa. The Coral One, on the other hand, cleans other places too like dirty tables, thanks to its detachable motor built in the handle.

A press of a button pulls out the handle so you can attach the handheld dustbin and start cleaning other places where the floor vacuum cannot reach. The handheld vacuum is great for cleaning tight spots or crevices with the crevice tool.

Meanwhile, its fabric tool’s wide mouth takes care of any upholstered material. You get 70 minutes of run time with this machine’s 4kPa of cyclonic suction power, which picks up large and fine particles alike, such as pet hair, dust, or dirt.

As a floor vacuum, the Coral One picks up the larger particles at a higher suction power of 2.7kPa. Its battery life also lasts longer at 90 minutes and its unique square shape allows it to seamlessly clean corners that round robot vacuums usually miss. Its rugged wheels allow for multi-surface cleaning: it easily climbs up unto rags, carpets, and floor transitions up to 1.5 inches.

What this vacuum lacks, which most of its kind has, is Wi-Fi connectivity for home mapping and a companion app for cloud storage. However, Coral Robots vouches by its product’s multiple smart sensors that help it map out its surroundings and tackle tough terrain effortlessly. Infrared beams help the robot vacuum detect obstacles, thus preventing it from crashing into walls, climbing unto chair legs, or falling down the stairs.

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Photos Courtesy of Coral Robots