The DreamOn is a practical wearable designed to help you get a good night’s rest without the added use of medication. It is a non-invasive approach to solving insomnia, night wakings, and other sleep-related problems.

This wearable is an “advanced form of entrainment,” which is the process of internal organs copying and matching external stimuli. It follows the same method in most entrainment research which uses visual and auditory signals like flashing lights to lull a person to sleep.

The DreamOn, on the other hand, uses low-frequency gentle pulses to activate your body’s natural sleep process. It emits a frequency signal of deep sleep. This encourages the brain to replicate that signal, thus sending you to a deeper sleep faster. The device logs your sleep with a passive accelerometer.

This smart wearable is safe to use by everyone, even children ages six and up. It is lightweight at 2 ounces and discreet so it is comfortable to wear to sleep. One full charge lasts for ten days and nights.

The DreamOn is Bluetooth-ready so you can easily connect it to its companion app, where you can personalize your device experience. The app provides you sleep insights, shows a record of your sleep vs. wake time, and your sleep schedule. It also offers sleep tips, guided meditations, and soundscapes to help you relax.

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Photos Courtesy of DreamOn