There’s nothing more unhealthy than still being glued to your screens minutes before bedtime. This habit negatively affects sleeping patterns and when there’s a lack of sleep, a slew of health problems follow. Thankfully, the Dreamers Glasses lull you to sleep as it block harmful blue light emitted by digital screens.

The foundation lies in the patent-pending DreamTech Screen lens that “help you achieve your best night’s sleep” for the sake of great health. These lenses block 99.99% of blue and green artificial light to help reduce eye strain, headaches, brain fog and avoid sleep-induced anxiety. Reduced exposure to these lights in turn allows your body to naturally produce the sleep hormone melatonin. When this happens, you wake up feeling restful, alert, and energetic.

In the long run, the Dreamers Glasses promote overall good health and well-being as with a good sleep you get lots of benefits. These include proper weight and appetite management, lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, mental health problems, and diabetes. Best of all, it helps with productivity and concentration.

Not to mention, these glasses are also stylish and trendy and that’s because they are the brainchild of fashion models and twins, Jordan and Zac Stenmark. They come in a variety of designs and lens shades including yellow and orange, to name a few. These are reflective and heavily tinted glasses.

The Dreamers Glasses works even when worn for at least 30 minutes before hitting the sack. It may be best though to have it up to three hours before bed to fully enjoy its benefits.

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Images courtesy of Dreamers