These days, Tesla is no longer the sole player in the EV market. Not to be outdone, existing carmakers and other mobility solutions providers are coming up with their own electric rides. Moreover, some of these companies are even promising to completely transition from internal combustion engines. All of these are wonderful news from an eco-friendly point of view and we want to hear more. Thanks to this year’s Monterey Car Week we have no shortage of awesome news. On the all-electric front, we have the Drako GTE – a futuristic machine that can rival the performance of other premium supercars.

First off, Drako Motors is not messing around when it comes to power. This four-passenger grand tourer can reportedly outpace some of the best models in its class. Its quad-motor architecture can produce around 1,200 horsepower along with 6,491 lb-ft of torque. Drawing power from its 90 kWh battery with parallel cooling technology, it can quickly reach its peak speed of 206 miles per hour in seconds. Meanwhile, to keep everything in check, we have a carbon-ceramic Brembo brake system in place.

Drivers who want full control will love the Drako’s Quattro Manettino configuration. This is a collection of four switches on the center console that allow you to customize the EV’s driving experience. Additionally, everything from power distribution, regenerative braking, driving mode, and surface type are just a dial away. Inside the cockpit of the Drako GTE is pure elegance in every corner. Lastly, generous servings of Alcantara and hand-stitched leather adorn the interior.

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Images courtesy of Drako Motors