A truly fine leather jacket will set you back at least a couple grand. For those of us who want the best materials and design without the absurd price tag, the DoseClassics Italian Leather Jackets will fit the bill perfectly.

Produced in Vinci, a small town close to Florence – the epitome of craftsmanship for this industry, these timeless jackets are inspired by iconic designs with a unique, contemporary twist. The collection consists of three distinct models. Chiodo is a clean, minimalistic biker piece made of vegetable-tanned lambskin plonge leather, fitted with Lampo zippers and a distinctive red lining paying tribute to the original Perfecto rebel jacket from 1928.

The second offering is a fitted Bomber jacket made of super soft lambskin leather, with a clean, sophisticated design perfect for every occasion. Finally, the third model is the crisp-looking Velour featuring a high-quality, tanned goat suede construction with contrast cashmere pattern lining.

Preorder From Kickstarter $370-$440