When you make it your mission to be at the very top in a specific segment, your brand eventually becomes a household name. After its founding in 2006, DJI has been pumping out some of the best commercial drones. Moreover, the company also offers some of the best imaging products out there – just like the Ronin 4D a shot.

For now, most professionals still consider RED the gold standard when it comes to shooting digital movies. In fact, even the biggest names in the business such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, and others have yet to catch up to its innovations. Meanwhile, DJI has a solid track record when it comes to surpassing the competition.

The Ronin 4D is available in either 6K or 8K flavors. To futureproof your pricey investment, the latter seems like the best option right now. With 4K display technology and content now as ubiquitous as the outgoing full HD standard, the highest resolution is the next logical step.

Retailing for roughly $11,499, it should be able to do everything its contemporaries can and even better. This full-frame gimbal camera boasts a highly integrated modular design. It includes a wide range of accessories out of the box to meet your cinematography needs.

DJI markets the camera’s most notable features such as 4-axis active stabilization on par with a dolly, LiDAR waveform focusing technology, O3 Pro video transmission capabilities, and the ability to record in 8K/75fps RAW format.

Moreover, the interchangeable lens mount enhances its versatility to work with various popular lenses available. The Ronin 4D carries a price tag that is way more affordable for a feature-packed device of its caliber. It would make a good starting camera for enthusiasts who aspire to become the best.

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Images courtesy of DJI