Drone technology has certainly come a long way. In the early days, you needed to grasp the nuances of the controls so you don’t crash it. Now, sensors coupled with advanced algorithms can practically fly your quadcopters with little to no intervention. If you’re interested, gets started with the DJI Mini SE and have fun.

These days, flying drones are no longer just a form of recreation. Creative professionals now mostly use them to take breathtaking aerial shots or record thrilling chase scenes. DJI’s latest model – the Mini SE – is a compact but capable gadget that even a novice can effortlessly operate.

No matter how confident you are, however, we highly recommend that you take it out for a spin first. Given the varying weight and sizes, not all drones handle the same out of the box. Therefore, it’s best to familiarize yourself first before you fly it in public.

At less than 9 ounces, it practically weighs as much as an average smartphone. When not in use, it folds down to a handy 138 × 81 × 58 mm (LxWxH). With the propellers deployed, the DJI Mini SE measures 245 x 289 x 56 mm.

GoPro users might find the lack of mounting options a letdown, but DJI arms it with a camera on a 3-axis motorized gimbal. You can take crisp 12-megapixel still images and record buttery smooth 2.7K video. The maximum transmission range is around two miles, while its 2,600 mAh battery is good for up to 30 minutes of flight.

Now you can enjoy some benefits of a professional-grade drone in a smaller package. DJI also offers optional add-ons to get the best out of your Mini SE. We recommend the propeller guards, extra batteries, and the Two-Way Charging Hub.

Buy – $299

Images courtesy of DJI