Da-Jiang Innovations or more popularly recognized as DJI, has been clearly dominating the quadcopter market. Creative professionals have been relying on its Mavic lineup for years now. A little over a month ago drone racing enthusiasts welcomes the got the FPV. Now, we have the Air 2S – feature-packed follow-up.

DJI’s quadcopters have earned the distinction of being some of the best in a crowded market segment. Therefore, it goes to show us that the manufacturer never comprises quality and performance.

Longtime users of the Shenzen, China-based tech group will notices that the “Mavic” badge has been dropped. Instead, the company is just calling it the Air 2S. Of course, the “S” there suggests that this is another take on the Mavic Air 2. This appears to be the new entry-level trim based on the spec sheet.

DJI shares a comparison chart that shows it is equipped with a 20-megapixel camera and 31-minute flight time (no wind) compared to its predecessor which boasts a 40-megapixel unit and 34 minutes on a full charge.

It’s not all downgrades though, as the DJI Air 2S now comes with a 1” CMOS sensor and is capable of taking 5.4K/30 fps videos. Users can also maintain transmission with the quadcopter over a greater distance, which is now at 7.5 miles in contrast to 6.21 miles of the Mavic Air 2.

All the outstanding functionalities of the Mavic Air 2 are likewise shipping with the Air 2S. Let the drone and its powerful AI take over as you engage MasterShots. Keep your subject – static or dynamic – perfectly in the frame with FocusTrack. We recommend that spend a little extra and grab the Fly More combo to get the most of your new toy.

Buy – $999.99

Images courtesy of DJI