For the classy folk who are heading to the beach anytime soon, don’t forget to double-check your gear beforehand. Unless you have been shopping online during the course of the pandemic, your on-hand apparel could use a refresh. When one intends to show off their fashionable side, DIOR’s 2021 Beachwear Capsule is the collection that you need to see.

The French fashion label hopes to entice its male clientele with a huge lineup of stylish upscale garments. We also learned that the 2021 Beachwear Capsule is a collaboration with American painter Kenny Scharf. With influences taken from the artist’s work DIOR is imbuing a select number of items in the summer-themed line with his designs.

According to the product page: “Inspired by his artistic dialogue with Kenny Scharf* the Beachwear capsule by Kim Jones stands at the crossroads of vintage and sportswear. A wardrobe infused with joyful energy.” With the sizeable number of options available, it will take some time to choose your desired ensemble.

We’ll try to help out by suggesting some of the stuff that we find cool like this DIOR AND KENNY SCHARF Bandana. Wear it as such or as a scarf, but the vibrant print marine life with smiles on their faces reminds us to enjoy our excursion.

You might as well complete the set with the DIOR AND KENNY SCHARF Shirt, Panama Hat, Short Swim Shorts. All of these feature the same vibrant artwork as on the accessory. This might be enough for most people, but there is a whole lot more to pick out from DIOR’s 2021 Beachwear Capsule.

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Images courtesy of DIOR