People may hold different views when it comes to countries in the Middle East. It’s a shame how certain variables paint the region negatively. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of untapped potential overshadowed by the wrong publicity. Oppenheim Architecture is currently working on the Desert Rock hotel as part of The Red Sea Project.

This remarkable project is just one of the many already underway. It aims to encourage local and international travelers to visit Saudi Arabia. This joint venture between the Miami-based design group and The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) hopes to highlight the natural beauty of the country.

Furthermore, the team is approaching this ambitious endeavor with sustainability in mind. According to the fundamentals of engineering, the foundation is a crucial element of every structure. For the Desert Rock hotel, even the most advanced construction methods will find it hard to rival what a mountain provides.

We’re not talking about clever gimmick here as they’re actually building the establishment on a granite mountainside. Of course, they also must consider the infrastructure to help guests reach the site quickly and safely. The Desert Rock hotel will offer accommodations spread across 48 villas and 12 rooms.

Meanwhile, some of the amenities include a spa, gym facilities, dining areas with magnificent views, and a world-class service to make every stay memorable. As you can already tell, a night or two here likely won’t come cheap.

It will be a massive undertaking to develop a modern hotel that has minimal impact on nature. However, it’s also exciting to see how they overcome these challenges imposed by the area. Finally, Desert Rock is slated to open its doors to the public in 2023 with exclusive early access before the end of 2022.

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Images courtesy of The Red Sea Development Company