Have you ever traveled to places with picturesque views, wonderful people, and delicious cuisine, but do not have hotels or inns available? Most likely, these are in remote areas and on private land. Moliving probably feels the same way which is why it presents a clever solution. By prefabricating the structures, they can deliver these units anywhere.

Depending on the existing infrastructure, Moliving can configure these modular hotels for off-grid use. An array of solar panels and holding tanks will provide each unit with all the necessary comforts. Meanwhile, the company says it will build these with sustainability, durability, modularity and luxury in mind.”

Each cabin offers approximately 400 square feet of indoor space with furnishings according to the owners’ specifications. As you can see, the manufacturer promotes these units as adaptable to the locale. This is a great approach to ensure that these do not stick out oddly from whatever the backdrop is.

Renders from Moliving gives us a glimpse of what the modular hotel would look like from the outside as well as within. The moment they enter, guests are greeted by a living area with the toilet and bath directly beside the portal. A bed sits on an elevated section of the room with the foot facing the windows.

Step out onto the deck, take a seat, and just take in the sights around you. Moliving notes that its modular hotels will use eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, they are actively looking for landowners to partner with and generate more jobs. Hoteliers may want to check this out.

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Images courtesy of Moliving