Aside from your regular EVs, manufacturers of emission-free mobility solutions like Daymak are offering cool alternatives. The Canadian group is now crowdfunding the Spiritus Ultimate as well as the Spiritus Deluxe. It appears they are targeting at least 50,000 preorders before the campaign ends this July 2021. It some reminds us of the ones from Vanderhall but with some key difference.

Instead of an open-top configuration, it is presented as a coupe. Also, Daymak is crafting the Spiritus lineup with lightweight yet robust materials. The Ultimate variant gets a carbon fiber bodywork, while the company did not specify the details for the Deluxe model.

Both come in a three-wheel configuration with an all-wheel-drive system. To give it that exotic supercar aesthetic, the EV uses scissor doors that match its dynamic and sleek outline. As for personalization, the Spiritus Ultimate has more cosmetic options available for the exterior and interior.

In our opinion, the Black Gold colorway stands out as the most elegant among the bunch. Notably, buyers can likewise choose from various textiles and metals to mix with carbon fiber elements of the cockpit. Ensuring safety, Daymak is arming all Spiritus vehicles with four airbags.

Meanwhile, those who go for the Ultimate will have 7 screens to interact with, while the base trim only gets 2. A full charge of its 80-kWh battery is enough for up to 300 miles on the premium. The Deluxe, on the other hand, ships with a 36-kWh unit good for up to 180 miles. Daymak reveals that the Spiritus will be under its Avvenire series.

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Images courtesy of Daymak