When it comes to high-end timepieces, a lot of brands go for premium materials to build their masterpieces. Titanium, carbon fiber, space-grade ceramics, gold, platinum, gemstones, and so much more. Luxury-tier wristwatches combine these alongside with superior craftsmanship to deliver stunning aesthetics and accurate timekeeping. In the meantime, the David Rutten DR-01 Streamline is standing on a league of its own as it boasts an exceptional feature.

The brand is figuratively reaching for the stars as they present a wristwatch that sports a vintage look, yet out-of-this-world. We actually mean it literally because the DR-01 Streamline is using materials that are extraterrestrial in origin. According to the watchmakers, the case is crafted out of octahedrite meteorites that came from outer space. On the other hand, we would like to refer to it as a watch made from a shooting star. Kidding aside, the timepiece showcases an Art Deco style with eye-catching patterns on the surface.

Obtaining these meteorites is a big challenge because most that enter the atmosphere turns into dust. Furthermore, the rare few that make it past our planets natural barrier usually fall into deserts, the poles, and the oceans. This is what makes the David Rutten DR-01 Streamline so special. The dial is likewise unique and features a jumping hour complication with a 120-hour power reserve for its manual movement. Only 88 examples will be available for purchase, which is understandable due to the rarity of the material it’s using. The leather straps that complete its ensemble will look great with any attire as well.

Own a piece of the heavens now

Images courtesy of David Rutten