You don’t need to be a logger to appreciate and wear a good pair of logger boots. If you’re someone who tends to venture into the great outdoors and worries about even the slightest cut or bump that you could get along the way, then better get yourself the Danner Logger 917 GTX Boots.

Logger boots don’t have to be a seasonal or a job thing. It can also be for fashion especially if you wear this comfortable pair from Danner. The uppers are made from only the strongest and most durable full-grain leather and guarantee comfort on the go. It has a Vibram SPE rubberized EVA midsole for optimal balance and durability and traction in wet conditions.

Meanwhile, the Danner Logger 917 GTX Boots uses the brand’s traditional stitchdown method combined with cup sole construction gives the boots a wider and flexible platform. The boot even comes with a footbed allowance for balance and underfoot support.

These are also waterproof boots. They are 100 percent waterproof thanks to GORE-TEX liners that allows you to take your adventures to the lakes, the rivers, or to the mud. While it is waterproof, the liners also help moisture and sweat from the inside escape so you feel comfortable and dry all day long.

The Danner Logger 917 GTX Boots are great for a variety of occasions because they are lightweight at just 35 ounces a pair, comfortable, and exudes a modern aesthetic. They look good with casual wear and even in semi-formal attires. They work in any weather conditions but serve a great purpose during the rainy or wet conditions.

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Images courtesy of Danner