The holidays are fast approaching it’s the season for gift-giving all over again. We understand the challenge it brings to find the perfect present for your family and friends. Hence, Men’s Gear once again offers our services and give our readers awesome suggestions. You know that we love EDCs and so will the guy that you’re going to handing it to. So, here is the D007 Goldfinger pen wallet from the awesome people at Dango. Every guy secretly wants to be a secret agent and this brings them one step closer to that goal.

Inspired by the iconic James Bond this elegant bi-fold wallet is ready for any mission. While some you might be familiar with Dango’s more minimalist offerings, the D007 Goldfinger is a more classic approach. This limited-edition wallet features a sophisticated aesthetic with the gold accents against black. Each of the four pockets can hold up to four cards each, with an additional pocket for a pen.

The company draws the design from its Dapper Wallet. With a bit of tweaking, you’re looking at a beautiful item that any man will want. The metal chassis is fashioned from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminium polished and anodized in gold. The integrated bottle opener alone makes it worthy of the space inside our pockets.

That Dango D007 Goldfinger even comes with an exclusive polished gold pen. It is crafted from the same material as the wallet’s chassis. It sports silicone o-rings to enhance grip and includes a Schmidt 4889M black ink refill. Additionally, it is compatible with Fisher space ink refills as well. Since it already comes with a writing instrument, the other section of its top-grain bi-fold holds a notebook.

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Images courtesy of Dango