Years before climate change took center stage, attempts and sustainability might have been seen as odd. Nevertheless, some people pushed onward with their noble agenda and made an impact ahead of others. Now, green alternatives are trending and global brands are not about to ignore this opportunity. G-SHOCK introduces the G5600BG-1 to mark its anniversary this year.

Globally renowned for its outstanding toughness, Casio’s subsidiary can be considered eco-friendly in some aspects. Given these timekeeping instruments are engineered to survive situations that would easily turn the competition into scrap, owners rarely need to replace their units except for the batteries.

Meanwhile, the G5600BG-1’s unique selling point is the material used in its construction. It’s no secret that G-SHOCK’s application of resin components aids in the overall durability of their timepieces. Moreover, the absence of mechanical parts further improves its ability to withstand impacts.

Here, recycled waste resin endows each unit with a bespoke design. Your limited-edition G5600BG-1 is practically bespoke since no two patterns are the same. It’s virtually impossible for the manufacturing to result in matching aesthetics save for the iconic digital display.

Its octagonal case measures 46.7 mm x 43.2 mm x 12.7 mm and weighs 47 grams. G-SHOCK says the watch is water-resistant up to 656 feet. In addition to its recycled case, bezel, and band, it recharges via solar or any light source. Expect years of action before it ever needs a new battery.

“Waste resin in classic G-SHOCK red and yellow is powdered and kneaded in a matte black base to create a unique, subtly colorful pattern. This special design will take you wherever you want to go — from everyday fun to high fashion,” reads the G5600BG-1 product description.

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Images courtesy of Casio/G-SHOCK