When you’re the type who wants to haul gear that’s beyond a vehicle’s allocated cargo space, then a roof rack or roof box is the ideal solution. These aftermarket add-ons come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate items that can no longer fit inside your ride. Thule recently launched its Motion 3 collection, so let’s check them out.

There are five versions available in both Black Glossy and Titan Glossy colorways. These understated shades are great as they are easy to match with any paint job. Starting with the Motion 3 L, we’re looking at a total volume of about 16 cubic feet, followed by the Motion 3 XL at 81 cubic feet, and Motion 3 XXL at 21 cubic feet.

These three are the standard variants, but if you need something with a compact profile, Thule also offers the Motion 3 XL Low and Motion 3 XXL Low. These sleek roof boxes are listed at 14 cubic feet and 18 cubic feet, respectively. Although we recommend the aforementioned trio when it comes to storage capacity, these are excellent alternatives as well when aerodynamics are concerned.

When you really look into what it brings to the table, the Motion 3 collection is all designed to minimize drag, which equates to fuel efficiency.  Meanwhile, EVs should also notice improved mileage with these bad boys on top. “Our newest roof box design has been modernized to enhance your journey and make it easier to use,” notes Thule.

If your vehicle is already outfitted with Thule accessories, these containers are compatible with the WingBar Evo, AeroBlade, SquareBar Evo, and ProBar Evo. For the TracRac and Xsporter Pro, the T-track Adapter is required to securely mount any of the SKUs under the Motion 3 collection. 

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Images courtesy of Thule