If your idea of fashionable EDC accessories involves a lot of leather, we can’t really blame you. We’re not saying that the material is out of fashion, but an alternative would be better. Moreover, don’t you think its time that you make the switch to something outside the box? Let’s start off with your wallet, which holds your cards, cash, and identification cards. Forward-thinking individuals are ditching the traditional design for compact and stylish options. One fine example is the Dango M007 Limited Edition Maverick wallet. Just like the iconic British secret agent, this one conceals some nifty secret elements.

We can imagine this item as something that would make a cool fashion statement the moment it makes an appearance. Its design certainly oozes premium form all angles and should hold its own even against established brands. One look at its aesthetics will tell you that it is one tough wallet that any man would love to have. The frame is crafted out of machined aluminum, which Dango covers with a matte gold finish via an anodizing process.

Next comes the nickel back plate that sports a mirror finish contrasting the matte gold frame. Flip it over to see the black top-grain leather pocket. The thumb slot in the middle should make sliding your cards out hassle-free. To top it all off, the Dango M007 Limited Edition Maverick includes an MT04 one-piece multi-tool. Made of high carbon steel, it offers 10 different functions, which is helpful during an emergency. Ultimately, it’s an EDC wallet that meets our needs and looks good at it too.

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Images courtesy of Dango