On the prowl for a smart yet elegant solution to storing your bike indoors? Look no further than the Cycloc Solo. At first glance, it looks like a mere plaything that’s too flimsy to be able to prop up an entire bike.

The Cyclo Solo is a horizontal or vertical bike storage ideal for home, office, or even retail display. The thing boasts three-point wall fixing and there’s an insert panel that hides fixings. You can hang any bike on it, too. There’s an included spacer to accommodate wide bars. You can also rotate it to accommodate various frame angles. There are rubber contact points to keep scratches at bay, and there’s an inbuilt facility to keep the bike locked in place.

Get it in a range of seven vibrant colors, whatever catches your aesthetic drift. And not only does it let you hang your bike, it’s also got a designated space for accessories.

The best-designed products are of course the simple ones. Although here at Men’s Gear we appreciate when artists push the envelope and go to town when it comes to experimentation, we’re suckers for well-built, simple solutions to complex problems.

The Cycloc Solo is one such product, doing away with the bells and whistles to give us a clever, bare-bones, straightforward answer to all our biking storage problems. Cycloc’s simplicity is its strongest merit, and the company has won numerous awards for its products that strike the perfect balance between form and function. If you’re having trouble storing your bike at home, this is a must-have.


Photos courtesy of Cycloc