You might be wondering what type of machine a Penny Pelican is. Without images, we bet nobody could figure out the what’s behind the name. CW&T does not want to keep us in suspense as it supplies the images and details about this weird-yet-interesting concept. This pedal-powered contraption is apparently an electric bike with unique capabilities.

The problem with regular bicycles is the limited cargo space. Sure a backpack is a convenient solution, but it does not allow you to haul bigger items. Another option would be a bike trailer, but CW&T likes to think outside the box.

Therefore, they’ve come up with a mechanical chimera of sorts, which we now know as the Penny Pelican. Hey, it might look like someone just cobbled some spare parts and slapped them on one of the toughest equipment containers known to man.

It’s funny because a huge section of the electric bike is actually a Pelican Hardigg transport case. The size of the military-grade cargo box can fit up to two people (awkwardly we suppose). On the rear is a freewheel hub with pedals. This drops the need for a gear and chain assembly.

Meanwhile, the front wheel houses a 1,000W electric motor with enough power to push the Penny Pelican up to speeds of 23 miles per hour. Using muscle power alone when there’s something heavy aboard is not our idea of fun. Thankfully, we can let the batteries help out in these situations.

Please note that its odd configuration means pedal power can only take you up to 4 mph, which is embarrassing. As such, just take advantage of the electric motor and save your stamina for an emergency. When you need to park and take a breather, just deploy the double-leg kickstand to keep the Penny Pelican electric bike upright.

Order yours – $8,000

Images courtesy of CW&T