The Crystal Peak Lookout takes off-grid living to new heights. If want to experience living high atop a tree canopy then you may want to consider staying at a fire lookout tower.

This cabin in North Idaho sits high atop a tree canopy that overlooks 13 acres of forested landscape. Its history originates back to the 1950s where it served as a fire lookout tower but is now an Airbnb rental. It gives delight to backpackers or vacationers looking for a relaxing stay away from the urban jungle.

The Crystal Peak Lookout sits 24 feet above the ground and is around 4700 feet above sea level. It gives a great view of Fernwood town and the lush greenery below. It especially makes for a good romantic getaway during Winter as you can see the magical snowy forest below.

The cabin is built for comfort and relaxation. It stands two flights of stairs from the ground a uses a trapdoor for its main entry. Inside, there is a queen-sized bed, a sink, and foldable chairs and a foldable table. There is a wood-burning stove and a portable butane burner. It has more than enough storage and countertop space for your items. Meanwhile, glass windows surround the 200 sq. foot space of the cabin to give you an immersive view of your natural scenery. Just imagine watching sunsets and sunrise from this cabin.

The Crystal Peak Lookout also offers the convenience and luxury of a wood-fired sauna below. You can get toasty inside while you watch the snowfall outside during winter months. This is, of course, not a place for those scared of heights.

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Images courtesy of Crystal Peak Lookout