Stay off the fancy gear when you’re merely dipping your toes in the Everyday Carry waters, they say. And they’d be right — there’s nothing like higher-tier blades to overwhelm the EDC neophyte and scare them off going further.

Except the CRKT Provoke Knife is too tempting to simply pass on. It’s not exactly holy grail EDC by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a bit on the heavy side of things. But beginners who don’t mind burning a hole through their pocket can prance ahead.

The CRKT Provoke Knife draws from the karambit design, which itself is based on a tiger’s claw. It’s a classic template that’s both useful and very, very lethal. This knife here not only makes good use of its aesthetic underpinnings but evolves it. Here, you’ll find a Kinematic system that allows it to open just by pushing it with your thumb — without adjusting your grip.

As for the blade, we’re talking D2 steel, which needless to say guarantees its durability. It’s also wrapped in black titanium nitride for optimum corrosion resistance. The handle features anodized aluminum material. It’s also got an integrated pocket clip that sits nearly flush and raises via pressure on the outer edge.

At 2.41 inches, the blade is long enough to handle most objects you’ll be snipping. When closed, the entire thing is just 4.96 inches. Overall length, on the other hand, is a hair shy of 7 and a half inches, which is rightfully within the accepted range for an EDC.