Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means right? If not for the ongoing health crisis, most of us would be enjoying excursions to popular destination across the globe. Sadly, we are still battling against this devastating pandemic. Thankfully, we can still enjoy some much-needed time under the sun away from the crowd. With the Costway BBQ Grill, you can hang out at home whenever you want.

Grilling season is almost upon us, which is probably why you should check your gear to see if ready for action. If not, you might want to get new equipment that won’t break the bank. The Costway BBQ Grill seems like a cost-effective choice for that perfect poolside (if you have one) barbecue.

Round up your buddies or family member and grab your grub hot off the grill. We’re doing this without a propane tank or natural gas because this bad boy takes good old charcoal.

The Costway BBQ grill is crafted out of steel and coated almost entirely in black save for a few sections. It features a wooden shelf, wooden handles, and a thermometer mounted on the lid.

Unlike most gas grills, this one is lightweight at just 29.5 lbs. Nonetheless, you have two wheels to help move it around. You have two fire boxes/grill grates to work with, while the wooden shelf gives you space for food preparation and more. The Costway BBQ Grill stands 42.5 x 45.5 x 25.5 inches (HxWxD). Now you can show off your manly grilling skills while enjoying a cold one.

Buy – $184.95

Images courtesy of Costway