There’s no stopping electrification as more manufacturers explore new possibilities. Automotive purists can’t help but accept the inevitable as internal combustion engines eventually become relics of the past. Although it’s still far off into the future, it’s better to jump in and do our part to reduce emissions as early as possible. Opel might not be making the headlines as much as it used to but it still can when it matters. Therefore, let’s take a look at its newest machine – the Corsa-E – as it prepares to break new ground in motorsport.

To be specific, Opel is presenting the Corsa-E as the world’s first all-electric rally car. Unlike conventional races, rally racing is a grueling test of performance and skill as vehicles tackle unforgiving courses. Furthermore, drivers have to deal with dynamic surfaces as they rely on their co-driver for navigation. Those who are going to the 2019 IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show can check out the official unveiling there.

Powering the machine is a 50 kWh battery that can offer a range of up to 205 miles. The synchronous electric motors can output up to 136 horsepower, which matches the standard model. The rally-tuned suspension features a McPherson strut with uni-ball joints. This emission-free rally car is another testament to the non-stop advancements in EV technology. So far, the transition from traditional engines to electric motors is going smoothly. After its official debut next month, the Corsa-E will see action at the 2020 ADAC Opel E-Rally Cup next year. It won’t be long until other motorsport competitions will become all-electric.

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Images courtesy of Opel